About Me

Allura Adelson’s Grace Healing Arts – Divine Healing for a New Age

Allura Adelson is lovingly committed to helping you find your own Divine Connection and arming you with spiritual wisdom, energetic healing, and growth processes to make each year more vibrant, engaging and fulfilling than the last. She works through her healing, her speaking, and her writing/editing (her blog + her healing journals), as well as writing/editing vital projects for others.

After being a meditation teacher for 40+ years, and at a time when a series of devastating personal losses befell her, all Heaven opened up, as well. Allura was offered the opportunity to work with dozens of Divine Beings from different world traditions in creating a line of healing products, using Divine Intelligence and Divine Frequencies, that would smooth our way through this time of great transition . Receiving Divine Guidance, she created the Grace Healing Arts Divine Therapies (now called Divine Blessing Drops), Mists of Heaven, and Distance Clearing & Divine Support, in partnership with her ex, David Adelson. You’ll find info on all of these on this site.

She recently created an Internet TV show, Finding your Bliss after 50 (http://findingyourblissafter50.com). Allura has a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Masters in the Science of Creative Intelligence from Maharishi European Research University.

Divine Healing Drops:

Freedom From Fear
In this wildly shifting time it’s easy to fear change, and the circumstances it places us in, but when we replace fear with love, we can turn our attention to what’s really important $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Forget About It
Be free of past traumas, nightmares or any past pain that has tied you in knots. Great for PTSD, nightmares, or anything negative or annoying you just can’t let go of. $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Healing Grief
Loss, whether of a partner, a friend, a beloved pet, or even a job can be wrenching. Start remembering the lost one with love, instead of pain. Heal. $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Keep yourself strong in your own integrity, without picking up others’ problems. Good for problem-solvers: therapists, body-workers, social workers, healers, sensitive empaths, etc. $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Chakra Balance
A simple, elegant way to balance and align your Chakra System with healing frequencies. This is our “go to” therapy, for whenever you feel off in any way. $25.00 (shipping/handling)

Custom Drops
Email us.. We’ll arrange for a phone conversation to help us discover the highest and best solutions for you. $29.97 (shipping/handling)

For information on buying wholesale, email us.