Allura Adelson’s Grace Healing Arts – Divine Healing for a New Age

At this wildly changing time you are changing every day, too. Static tried and true remedies may not be able to keep pace with you, but because it is infinitely flexible, the Divine Intelligence within these drops and stones can. Since 2003 we’ve been helping others with our powerful vibrational tools, Grace Healing Arts Divine Therapies. Here you’ll find a few of our nearly 100 products. If you don’t see what you need, email me (See below.). I can custom-make a solution that fits.
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Divine Healing Drops:

Freedom From Fear
In this wildly shifting time it’s easy to fear change, and the circumstances it places us in, but when we replace fear with love, we can turn our attention to what’s really important $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Forget About It
Be free of past traumas, nightmares or any past pain that has tied you in knots. Great for PTSD, nightmares, or anything negative or annoying you just can’t let go of. $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Healing Grief
Loss, whether of a partner, a friend, a beloved pet, or even a job can be wrenching. Start remembering the lost one with love, instead of pain. Heal.  $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Keep yourself strong in your own integrity, without picking up others’ problems. Good for problem-solvers: therapists, body-workers, social workers, healers,  sensitive empaths, etc.  $19.97 (shipping/handling)

Chakra Balance
A simple, elegant way to balance and align your Chakra System with healing frequencies. This is our “go to” therapy, for whenever you feel off in any way.  $25.00 (shipping/handling)

Custom Drops
Email us.. We’ll arrange for a phone conversation to help us discover the highest and best solutions for you.  $29.97 (shipping/handling)

For information on buying wholesale, email us.

My Story

I have always been drawn to the spiritual have been studying, practicing, and/or teaching meditation and other evolutionary programs for nearly 40 years. I’ve also had challenges in my life. In 1997 my oldest son, Jefren, was diagnosed with cancer, and at that time my then-husband, David’s, healing gifts came out. Six years later, when Jefren was told he once again had cancer, my healing gifts began to emerge.

It took me by surprise. Other people — friends whose clear connection with the Divine I knew and respected — told me I had a healing gift. I was slow to catch on and my mentors, earthly and heavenly, helped me, as my own Divine connection grew stronger and clearer. My gifts began with Divine Healing Touch. When Jefren was in pain I rested my hand on his back until the pain faded.

Eventually I began receiving Divine Wisdom on my own, other gifts joined the first, and I began doing healings for others. I received guidance on how to infuse Divine frequencies into tinctu and other products to help people heal, grow, and experience joy. I worked primarily with this, Grace Healing Arts, for six years until I passed on the knowledge of how to make the products to my now-former husband, David, a co-founder of the company.

The Divine often does the unexpected, and this project has now, unexpectedly, come back to me. I no longer have my old labels for tinctures, and the Divine has told me they are not needed right now. What you will get with any of these drops or stones is a Therapy made powerful by the Divine, packed with Divine Intelligence and Love, with a hand-written or computer printed label.

I am blessed to be able to share my gifts with you once again.

Love and Blessings,